dinsdag 2 augustus 2016

Summer break 10% discount!



SUMMER BREAK / 10% DISCOUNT WITH CODE: SUMMER2016 / we will ship your order on September 1st.

Het is bijna tijd voor onze 'Summer Break'. Tijdens onze Summer Break kan er gewoon besteld worden en geven wij 10% korting op alle knuffels met code: SUMMER2016. Orders die voor woensdag (3 augustus) 12.00 uur geplaatst worden, worden nog verzonden. Daarna verzenden wij pas weer op 1 september. 

It's almost time for our Summer break. We have our holidays from Wednesday August 3rd until September 1st, 2016. You can still place orders in our shop, but all parcels will be shipped after September 1th. For this reason we have a discount of 10% on all cuddles (code: SUMMER2016 valid as of today until September 1th). Orders placed before Wednesday, August 3rd, 12.00 a.m. will be shipped this week).  

Truffle from Maileg and Bunty from Luckyboysunday

vrijdag 29 juli 2016

FREE GIFT: Buy a cuddly fox & get a fox for free!

Buy a fox soft toy in our shop and get a wooden fox brooch from Sass & Belle for free!!!
Je krijgt nu een gratis vossenbroche als je een vossenknuffel bestelt. 

On the image

We sell more foxes from Donna Wilson, Jellycat, Maileg and Sass & Belle.

woensdag 27 juli 2016

Let's cuddle 'Callistodolls'

We love this wolf doll. His name is Desert and he's a mystic wolf made by Callistodolls. 
Apart from Desert there are more wonderful handmade mystic wolfs and mama bears.

You can follow Callistodolls on Instagram or visit the website

dinsdag 26 juli 2016

Latérite wolf poster!!

Main Sauvage

New! Latérite wolf for your wall. 
A4, printed in black and white & letterbox friendly! 
Designed by French brand Main Sauvage.
Now for sale in our shop!
Latérite wolf is also available in cotton and in alpaca wool!

soft toy wolf

Laterite wolf Main Sauvage
We sell Popje and this Donna Wilson plate too!

Main Sauvage
The new Latérite wolf - hand made / 100%  alpcaca wool / also for sale in light grey and mid grey

vrijdag 22 juli 2016

Apart from Latérite, we also have a new Humus in the shop!

alpaca wool bunny

Apart from three new LATERITE wolves, we also have a new HUMUS from French brand MAIN SAUVAGE in our shop. HUMUS measures 32 cm and is handknitted from luxurious baby alpaca wool. HUMUS is suitable for all ages. 

Today € 2,50 discount on our MAIN SAUVAGE collection with code: SAUVAGE

main sauvage bunny

alpaca wolf